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Minimally invasive implant technique.

•  Colour code: blue
•  high-strength titanium
•  2 Diameter: ø 2.4 mm and ø 3.0 mm
•  3 lengths: L=8 mm, L=10 mm, L=12 mm
•  Each is pre-mounted on a single-use fixture,
    incl. cover screw, sterile packaged
•  for open and closed healing
•  Sterile for 10 years from date of manufacture

•    Fixation of removable full, partial and telescopic dentures
•    Implant abutment for the LOCATOR®1- / Clickator® prosthetics
•    Implant abutment for the bar prosthetics
•    Implant abutment for the fixed bridge prosthetics
•    Implant abutment for the single-crown prosthetics with narrow tooth
    gaps in the anterior and premolar areas of the maxilla and mandible.

Your advantage: atraumatic placement. Simple and cost-effective
system. High safety level. High variability. General avoidance of hard tissue augmentation. For beginners and experienced implantologists.


1Locator® is a registered trademark of ZEST IP Holdings, LLC, USA.



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