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Cumdente implants are based on decades of clinical experience in the Private Dental Clinic, Tübingen with the systems available on the market.

The limitations of the usual implants that had often been on the market without improvement for many years served as the incentive to initiate an interdisciplinary experimental research project. The aim was to optimize
the design in line with the biology and to complement missing indications.
The result is our new range of Cumdente implants.

Unlike many other dental manufacturers, we focus on the simple clinical application, consistent compatibility and comprehensive application training.

We have been able to convince numerous colleagues with our years of experience, product safety, the trust of our customers, contact persons for wishes and suggestions, close customer connectivity, generous goodwill gestures and excellent service.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Cumdente Implants - further products

Cover screws, ISO implant driver, ISO adapter,
Torque wrench, Combi Hex, Positioning Guide

Drills, Osteotomes, Hammer, Expansion screws

Surgical instruments, Surgical tray

Transfer abutments

Implant replicas

minivx abutments (crown and bridgework)

Bar restoration, SFI-Bar®6 adapter

Demonstration models

Prosthetikcs, Materialials, SoftBase



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