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ApaCare – Dental prophylaxis

Liquid enamel

Nanofine hydroxyapatite penetrates into the smallest fissures and defects and casts a protective film over tooth and root surfaces. Like liquid enamel, hydroxyapatite remineralizes and repairs the tooth structure even long after application. Hydroxyapatite in combination with fluoride can mineralize significantly more strongly than fluoride alone, opening new dimensions in the treatment of caries and tooth preservation.
ApaCare save pores, brightens tooth surfaces and has a repellent effect on new plaque.

Exposed dental necks are sustainably desensitized by the closure of open dentine tubules. In ApaCare, a patented formulation allows to jointly apply the fluoride and hydroxyapatite to the tooth, without the fluoride being able to react with the hydroxyapatite before use. For a mineralization "cure" after professional tooth cleaning or after daily dental care, ApaCare Repair tooth enamel gel is used, highly enriched with "liquid enamel".

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