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Highly efficient, gentle air polishing powder for subgingival use/ implant cleaning.

ApaPerio air polishing powder based on Tagatose (analogous to glycine, medium grain size 15 μm). For gentle supra- and subgingival debridement/ polishing of teeth, roots, implants and prosthodontics..

Bottle 120 g

Art.-Nr. 1001405

Hybrid Bond

One-for-all bonding for enamel, dentin and denture materials. Cumden-te Hybrid Bond is etchant, primer and bonding in one. Light-curing. For all common light-, dual- and self-curing composites, compomers and composite cements.
Very strong hold on enamel and dentin as well as denture materials such as plastics, composites, hybrid ceramics and metals such as preci-ous metal alloys, NEM and titanium. Also adheres to zirconia and after silanization on silicate ceramics.
Universal primer also for intraoral repairs. Prevents post sensitivities, supports hemostasis and results in a wafer-thin hybrid layer for high long-term adhesion and outstanding fit of laboratory-fabricated dentures.

Bottle 5 ml 

Art.-Nr. 1001142

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PACT®400 Komplett-Set

For Periodontal, Endo and Peri-implantitis Therapy 

ACT® 400 red light laser – handpiece incl. docking station (charger) 

2 pcs. of Light Guides Universal 

2 pcs. of Light Guides Endo

2 pcs. of Light Guides XL 

PACT® Fluid Endo (2 x syringes each 0,6 ml)

PACT® Gel Universal (2 x syringes each 1,0 ml)

Endo-Flex-Canulas (Pack at 5 pcs.)

1 pc. PACT® Laser-protective goggles 


Art.-Nr. 1070510

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Multiblue LaserS1

3 in 1 Laser
Blue light high-power laser (470 nm) for dental surgery, periodontics and implantology

980 nm infrared laser (endodontics, germ reduction, bleaching)

650 nm red light laser (PDT, biostimulation)

All 3 lasers can be operated individually or in combination
Preset programs for all indications

Multiblue LaserS1 Komplett-Set  
MULTIblue LASERS1 device set with touch screen control incl. Multifunctional handpiece and high-performance optical fiber with SMA plug and autoclavable handpiece, 10 x disposable optical fibers 200 μm, 10 x disposable optical fibers 400 μm, bleaching attachment, PACT light adapter, foot switch, charging power supply, 3 laser goggles (dentist, assistant, patient)

Art.-Nr. 1075500    

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BIOLactis® Orales Probiotikum

Dental care cosmetic support the prevention of caries and periodontitis

For oral use for daily dental care. With fresh taste. The tasty powder protects from caries and periodontitis with its high-quality probiotic ingre-dients, restores the balance of the healthy oral flora and strengthens the natural defense mechanisms in the mouth. BIOLactis also protects against bad breath and supports the reduction of plaque and gingivitis


BioLactis® is suitable for all age groups (from 3 years).

Each Sachet contains at least 1 billion probiotic microorganisms from three different strains, which can favorably influence the bacterial coloni-zation of teeth, gums, tongue and oral mucosa.

30 Sachets (30 x 1 g)

Art.-Nr. 1100010

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ApaCare® Professional

One-Phase polishing paste

One-Phase polishing paste for professional dental hygiene in dental surgeries, based on medical hydroxyapatite and with sodium fluoride.

Universal dental hygiene and polishing paste with great cleaning strength and innovative perlite cleaning particles (RDA = beginning 150, reduces during polishing).  

High PCR = 130 (Pellide Cleaning Ratio). Efficient removal of plaque and stai-ning. After polishing, the tooth surfaces feel particularly smooth and very ple-asant to the patient.

Cumdente ApaCare Professional is enriched with medical hydroxyapatite, which attaches to the tooth surface during polishing and covers sensitive den-tine tubules.  

ApaCare Professional polishing paste contains sodium  

fluoride and is free of preservatives.

Particularly recommended following periodontal therapy and professional dental hygiene.

Tube 75 ml  

Art.-Nr. 1000932

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Professional sonic brush cleaning to PZR, UPT, PA, peri-implant and prosthetics

  • Very good accessibility, also for periimplantitis
  • Protects sensitive root and implant surfaces
  • Gentle and painless
  • High tactility/sensor technology
  • No electromagnetic interference (pacemakers, etc.)
  • Autoclave 134 ºC

1 x S-Brush including samples of brushes in variable shapes (M-large/M-small and F-large/F-small), 1 brush holder,  accessories and instructions for use. 
Art.-Nr. KaVo    1001900    
Art.-Nr. Sirona    1001901

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PRIO mini implants®

Titanium (high grade IV) self-cutting bone-expanding design (Ø 1,3 mm apikal / 3,0 mm coronal), osteoactive hydrophilized surface. Sterile. Pre-assembled at one-time insertion/open mould posts. 

Including shutter screw. 

PRIO mini implants®

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Zirkon Primer IV

Adhesive mediator for solid and stable composite of plastic, composite and zirconium oxide ceramics. For high adhesion values on all common zirconium oxide and dental ceramics. Intraoral and applicable in the laboratory.

Bottle 5 ml

Art.-Nr. 1030505

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MTA Repair HP

Bioceramic repair cement with high plasticity

  • New formulation, improved handling: Simply processing
  • Proven highly biological, plastic repair cement
  • Excellent X-ray contrast. Color stable
  • Low solubility, high moisture tolerance
  • Excellent obturation through controlled setting expansion
  • Induces the formation of periradicular cement.
  • Gives a bacteria-proof dentin barrier on the capped pulp

            MTA Repair HP Caps
            Setting time approx. 15 minutes
            2 disposable capsules with 85 mg repair cement

            Art.-Nr. 1001043

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            E-Connect S

            Wireless, electronic endo all-in-one system RC treatment device and precise electronic length gauge (stand alone) in one.


            Stand alone apex finder (length measurement).
            Also for hand instruments including approximation function

            Files library with 26 systems (upgrade capable)
            10 programs for adjusting by the dentist
            Rotation systems – clockwise, counterclockwise
            Reciprocal and pulse systems: Angles adjustable from 30 ° to 360 °, in and counterclockwise
            Auto start and stop function
            Torque: 0.5 – 4.0 Ncm
            Speed: 120 – 1,000 RPM
            Programmable: Apical Auto-Stop, Apical Auto-Slow, Apical Auto-Reverse
            Adjustable apical reference point
            Apical approach function 
            Length measurement system also suitable for hand instruments

            E-Connect S set including charging tray, power supply, endome-trial cable and lip clip

            Art.-Nr. 1090819

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