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NEW: PRIO Implants®

The new Cumdente Prio Implant was developed in response to the changing demands for an Implant System. The design of the Prio Implant stabilises the peri-implant alveolar bones, can avoid peri-implantitis and permits aesthetic treatment outcomes to the highest standards.

Cumdente Prio Implants have a fully compatible, consistent prosthetics line, insertable with very few instruments and very business-friendly. It conforms to all current indications for fixed or removable implant lines including combination dentures.

Cumdente Etcher

Precision Fine Beam Handset with connection to all common turbine couplings. For use with all common dental (dry) powder cleaning. Particularly suitable for Cumdente SiliTech® / SiliTech® soft / Aluminium Oxide.

Application spheres: Cleaning/roughening of tooth and denture surfaces, materials-saving micro preparation, capture of dry powders, such as Cumdente SiliTech®.

SiliTech® / SiliTech® soft

Universal tribochemical application system (silicatisation) for all common dental materials. Provides in usage with Cumdente Silane very high adhesive values to dental, metal, ceramic, man-made, composite, PEEK and Pekkton etc.

After irradiation at approximately 3 bars of pressure, durable, silicate, adhesive layers are possible. For use in practice and at the Laboratory with all common Laser equipment, especially the Cumdente Etcher.

Ultrasonic Air Scaler Micron SSS

Air-powered ultrasonic scaler (approx. 17 kHz) for supra - and subgingival tooth cleaning, scaling root planing, as well as for the supportive periodontal therapy (SPT)

• Pleasant quiet / barely audible
• Soft and gentle
• Arm pain (usually no anesthetic for subgingival application required)
• Stable power output and constant oscillation by intelligent power control
• High tactility / sensor technology
• No electromagnetic interference (pacemakers etc.)
• Autoclavable 134 °

Art. Nr. 1001815

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