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Cumdente – Philosophy / Idea

Our philosophy: Directly from practice – Dental concepts and premium products that do work!

All our products are in the context of successful treatment concepts with sophisticated techniques that have been tested in practice hundreds of times and that are constantly being adapted to the latest state of science and to the practical requirements.
Cumdente represents the combination of know-how and quality.

The Cumdente "idea"

Cumdente was established with the goal of implementing progressive ideas, promoting new developments and producing particularly high-quality premium products to make them directly available to the colleagues. To this end, Cumdente lives in close symbiosis with dental training and practice and with international universities. For us, professional dental expertise enjoys first and foremost priority. We are convinced that for being a partner for a dental practice it is not sufficient to know and sell a product, but it is necessary to be familiar with the everyday operations of a dental practice. The best product will not work unless used properly; there is no substitute for the experience and skill of the user.

We offer you an integrated concept.

We – that is Prof. Dr. Rainer Hahn, his wife Jeanette Hahn and the second Managing Director Dr. Frank Schynowski – with our highly motivated team of exceptional employees. Before 1997, Prof. Dr. Hahn was engaged as a senior consultant in clinical and teaching activities and particularly in research at the Tübingen Centre for Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Currently he is the medical director of the Zahnärztliche Privatklinik Tübingen and still actively engaged in the treatment of patient.

Our concepts


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